How to prep for your jade roller

How to prep for your jade roller

December 17, 2019



Once only used by the Elite, jade rolling has become the newest trend of the 21st century.

Popularized by celebrities and influencers alike, masses have sprung on the Jade Rolling trend and are rolling their skin into a healthier and more youthful glow.


Let's jump right to it.


Step 1. Wash your face.

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Jade rollers are always best used on clean skin. Possibly the most crucial step in proper jade rolling is avoiding pushing bacteria back into your skin, meaning removing all of your makeup, excess oils, and debris from your skin before jade rolling. So grab your favorite cleansing bar or facial wash, and gently cleanse your skin.


Step 2. Moisturize.

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This step is purely by choice. To include a moisturizer or not? You don't necessarily have to, but Alew always recommends having a good moisturizer or serum in your facial regimen.


Step 3. Roll. Roll. Roll your face. Clever right?

Gently roll under the eyes, the forehead, the cheeks, pause. Now grab your Gua Sha and glide along the jawline, chin, and neck. Lymph nodes reside along the jawline, and neck and the Gua Sha is an excellent tool in assisting with lymphatic drainage. Both tools can be used simultaneously or individually, but enjoy using both.


You can "Jade Roll" for approximately 3-5 minutes.


Step 4. Cleanse

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Using the included Alew Microfiber Cloth, in the Aventurine Jade Roller and Gua Sha Set by Alew, gently wipe away any excess product from your jade roller and gua sha, and place back on your vanity or in your included Alew Travel Case.


Guess whos done? You are! Easy right?


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